Our Health Matters

What would having healthcare mean to you?

Healthcare is a human right, but for many of us it is also a privilege that we take for granted. The Affordable Care Act made it possible for more Californians to access affordable healthcare, but it specifically excludes undocumented immigrants.

This exclusion reduces our communities into invisibility and undermines our fundamental humanity. We remain in the shadows; we watch our mothers and fathers toil and suffer in the shadow economies, our siblings and friends fall violently ill to preventable diseases because we don’t have access to the most basic care.

Over one million undocumented Californians are left out of affordable health coverage that we desperately need. But we are not just numbers.

The strength and resiliency of our community can be captured in our stories. Our lived experiences as undocumented and uninsured people are complex and powerful. ASPIRE presents intimate moments from our community members who are directly affected by the lack of common sense healthcare with this video series.

This week we feature Akiko Aspillaga’s spoken word poetry “Only for a Moment”:


Health for All (S.B. 4) which is being heard at the Senate Health Committee Hearing today, April 15, would include undocumented Californians in accessing affordable health coverage (Covered California and Medi-Cal), regardless of immigration status. It is a first step to ensure that all Californians have access to healthcare.

We hope that with our advocacy in the #Health4All Campaign that all of California can finally get the care that we need. Let’s get everybody into a healthcare system that does not discriminate and leave nobody out!

While the federal government is excluding undocumented families from buying affordable coverage on health care exchanges, California should keep setting the example and not abandon any person behind. Stand with us in solidarity and help us protect the lives of our community.

Tell us, what does healthcare mean to you?