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Free Rajeshree Roy from Immigration Detention

Rajeshree Roy’s story captures almost everything that’s wrong with incarceration and deportation in America. A survivor of horrific childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, Rajeshree has spent most of her life incarcerated for actions she took as a result of the trauma she endured.

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Last year, California voters decided that people like Rajeshree should never be sent to prison for shoplifting. But instead of being released, she was transferred to an immigration jail for possible deportation to Fiji, a country she left when she was a child. Rajeshree has been granted a $10,000 bond but remains locked up because she cannot afford it.

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Deportations Affect Me #ProtectNotDeport

ASPIRE launched our ‪#‎Not1More‬ Week of Action through our collaboration with CIYJA Northern Region affiliates. November 16, 2015 was the first day of our ‪#‎ProtectNotDeport‬ photo campaign.

Many community members joined us and humanized the survivors of deportations and detentions, and uplifted the grassroots organizing that continues to demand dignity and respect for all immigrant families. You can still share your story about how deportations affect you and use the hashtag #ProtectNotDeport to trend the conversation.

Here are some of the powerful photos shared on Facebook:




Domestic Violence Survivor and Mother Faces Deportation in Yolo County, CA

A survivor of domestic violence is facing deportation. Please help! ‪#‎Not1More‬ ‪#‎WeSurvived‬ ‪#‎StandWithNanHui

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“Nan-Hui Jo, a survivor of domestic violence, may be just days away from permanent separation from her six-year-old daughter.

In 2009, Nan-Hui fled with her child to South Korea, her home country, after physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her then-partner and child’s father. On two occasions in August 2009 and October 2009, Nan-Hui called the police in Sacramento after her child’s father physically abused her. After Nan-Hui left her child’s father, he reported her for kidnapping. In July 2014, when she returned to the United States, she immediately was arrested for alleged child abduction.

For the past seven months, Nan-Hui has been separated from her child and continues to be detained at Yolo County Jail in Woodland, CA. Her first trial ended in a hung jury in December 2014, and her second trial began last Friday. After the trial, Nan-Hui faces imminent deportation and permanent separation from her daughter.

Nan-Hui is also a victim of ICE’s systematic deportation apparatus that has deported over 2 million individuals during President Obama’s administration. Nan-Hui’s case highlights the dysfunction within ICE, which forcibly separates 1,100 families a day. Although Nan-Hui has a U Visa application on file to recognize her status as a victim of crime, ICE continues to seek Nan-Hui’s transfer into immigration custody for deportation. Read more about her case here.


1.Sign this petition for Nan-Hui directed to ICE Field Director Craig Meyer.

2.Call ICE Field Director Craig Meyer at (415) 844-5512 to ask that ICE exercise its prosecutorial discretion and drop Nan-Hui’s case.

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask Director Meyer to drop the immigration hold against Ms. Nan-Hui Jo (A 098 906 641) and allow her to reunite with her six-year-old daughter. Ms. Jo is a survivor of domestic violence and her case should be considered under the parental interests directive. I ask that ICE exercise its prosecutorial discretion and drop Ms. Jo’s deportation case.”

3.Raise awareness on social media about Nan-Hui’s case. Tweet about it and spread the word using hashtags #StandWithNanHui, #WeSurvived, and #Not1More. Speak out and tell us your stories! As we stand with Nan-Hui, we stand with all survivors of domestic violence—especially immigrant, incarcerated, and women of color survivors. Follow us on Twitter at @StandWithNanHui.”