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API Undocumented Immigrants Respond to Obama’s Speech on Immigration Reform: You can stop deportations now (November 25, 2013)

Undocumented Asian Pacific Islanders Ambivalent to President’s Immigration Announcement: The Fight for the Millions Excluded Continues (November 21, 2014)

Undocumented API Youth Stand in Solidarity with NanHui Jo (March 5, 2015)

Undocumented Asian Pacific Islanders React to the Passage of SB 4 as a Stepping Stone to Universal Healthcare and Immigrant Justice (June 2, 2015)


Op-Eds by ASPIRE Members

It is Time for Obama to Act by Frank Seo  (Truthout, June 7, 2014)

“After the national day of action on April 5th, it became clear that the record-breaking level of deportations cannot be ignored anymore. Under President Obama’s leadership, more than 2 million people have been deported. Among that 2 million people who were deported, 250,000 were of Asian heritage. This unfathomable number simply exceeds any previous administration’s deportation record.”


It is Time to be Defiant for the Immigrant Rights Movement by Frank Seo (Truthout, November 12, 2014)

“The immigrant rights movement must directly focus on President Obama’s executive options and demand bolder, more inclusive relief. As the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass once said, ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.’ It is time for the immigrant rights movement to regroup and to make greater demands for our community”


A New Chapter for Immigrant Rights Movement Begins by Frank Seo (Truthout, November 27, 2014)

“A new chapter of the immigrant rights movement just began. Now, it is up to us to learn lessons from the past and move forward. There is no guarantee that this process will be joyful or even accomplish everything we want to. But, if his/herstory has taught us anything, as social movements join one another and learn from each other, we can and must build solidarity to stand together for/with one another.” 


President Obama, Stop Separating and Deporting Our Families by Ju Hong (Huffington Post, December 13, 2013)

“I am Ju Hong, the “heckler” that interrupted your speech at the Betty Ong Center in San Francisco last week. I spoke up not out of disrespect, however, either for you or our country. No, I spoke up — and am writing to you now — to ask that you use your executive order to halt deportations for 11.5 million undocumented immigrant families.”


Statement by Ju Hong (Blog at Asian Law Caucus, July 20, 2011) 

“Like many other undocumented immigrants, I was living in the shadows and living in a constant fear of deportation. However, I have decided to stand up and fight back. I am sick and tired of remaining silent. Today, I am proclaiming to the world that I am undocumented and unafraid.”