Our Fight to End Immigration Enforcement

Reject PEP

Created by Maria HW, ASPIRE Core Leader.

San Francisco, CAOn October 20th, ASPIRE joined over 70 other immigrant rights advocates and community organizations to demand an end to the scapegoating of undocumented immigrants and to restore community trust. After a three-month advocacy effort that included story-sharing and mass mobilization, immigrant communities gained huge successes during this week’s Board of Supervisors hearing that upheld San Francisco as a sanctuary city for all immigrants.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted for a resolution that protects the immigrant community from the harmful effects of local law enforcement’s entanglement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ASPIRE applauds the Supervisors on the Board who champion the rights of immigrants, even in the face of reactionary backlash that further casts undocumented people into the shadows.

“We especially thank Supervisor Malia Cohen for her courageous and vocal support of our local immigrant communities,” says Hong Mei Pang, a Community Organizer at ASPIRE. “Our communities are all too often scapegoated and Supervisor Cohen’s powerful statement dismantled these dangerous stereotypes. We refuse to be criminalized.”

By debunking the false rhetoric of “felons not families”, ASPIRE hopes to continue advocating for all immigrant families to stay together. Through developing restorative justice and addressing the root causes of violence in the community, this victory is a first step towards ending the criminalization of people of color in San Francisco.

Maria HW, a Core Leader at ASPIRE who has led the efforts to empower the immigrant community, reflects, “Our community has bravely mobilized and organized to defend our sanctuary city. The victory we achieved this week is a historic milestone towards disentangling law enforcement from ICE. We rejected PEP. We protected our city. We will continue to fight.”

ICE out of SF

Campos’ resolution to protect immigrant communities and find real solutions to violence prevailed and Farrell’s resolution to scapegoat immigrants was shut down by our powerful allies on the Board of Supervisors! Through our work in foregrounding the voices of directly impacted undocumented community, we protected our sanctuary city and kept PEP out. It’s a good day for immigrants in San Francisco. ‪#‎FreeSF‬ ‪#‎ICEOutOfSF‬ ‪#‎Not1More‬ — October 20, 2015