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#Health4All Campaign

Healthcare is a human right. However many of us cannot afford healthcare nor is it easily accessible for migrant communities especially undocumented immigrants. Thus, together with California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA), California Immigrant Health Network (CIHN), and the Health4All Coalition, ASPIRE is fighting for health access for affordable and quality healthcare for everyone regardless of socioeconomic and immigration status.


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Advocating for pro-immigrant legislations in the Capitol for Immigrant Day 2014.


We have worked tirelessly in advocating for the Health4All bill which will expand MediCal and the healthcare exchange to undocumented immigrants from legislative visits in Sacramento, testifying in front of the Senate health committee hearing, organizing a community health fair, press conferences, media collaborations, and direct actions.



At the Oakland Health Fair: Health Options for Immigrant Youth and Immigrant Families. In Courtesy of Joel Aguilar.

In collaboration with The California Endowment, we worked to increase the visibility of API undocumented immigrants in the fight for #Health4All. You may have also seen some of our members on billboards and ads around your area! Visit the #Health4All website for more information.

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Photographed models include ASPIRE members

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