Our Mission & Values

What is ASPIRE?

We are the first Pan-Asian undocumented immigrant led group in the country housed under Asian Law Caucus based in San Francisco Bay Area.

ASPIRE’s work is grounded in our personal experience of being undocumented and Asian Pacific Islander. We are part of the 1.5 million undocumented Asian Pacific Islanders living in the United States who brings visibility to our unique issues through sharing our personal stories—stories that have gone invisible for too long.

We continue to challenge the hegemonic view of immigration and fight to end inhumane deportations that separate families through legislative visits, community education, and non-violent direct actions. Moreover, ASPIRE supports and empowers young people to advocate for themselves, their families, and their community. Our goal is to help create a society in which immigrants and people of color can live with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

The mission of ASPIRE is to empower undocumented Asian Pacific Islander youth and young adults to educate, advocate, organize, and mobilize for the rights of immigrant families. Our vision is to build an inclusive and socially just society.

Our Values

We believe in the fight for respect and dignity for all immigrants and people of color. With our allies, we work towards economic and social justice for our communities.

We believe in supporting and empowering of young people to advocate for themselves and their families, and to come to terms with their identities.

We believe that every family deserves to pursue their dreams of a better life.

We value transparency, mutual accountability, and trust in building a sustainable social movement.

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